Duet photographic diptyche by photographer Kim Kauffman
    Kim Kauffman Photographer    

This is a portal to the singular vision of photographer Kim Kauffman whose photographic practice spans fine art to business and industry communications. Stunning and conceptually original photographs delight art patrons around the world. At the same time her studio understands the importance of brand forward thinking while applying visual concepts in fresh ways to help businesses communicate more clearly with customers.

Below are links to an extraordinary set of photographic portfolios. Her artistic aesthetic and creativity are revealed through the many personal projects presented at Synecdoche Studio. The creative vision, technical excellence and professionalism is supported through a range of commercial assignments at Kim Kauffman Photography. Finally, Duets exhibits the convergence of art photography and commercial photography demonstrating an inventive thread that runs through photographs created by Kim Kauffman.

Enjoy your Kim Kauffman photography journey. Let us know what you think and how we might be of service.


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